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although arguably not a professional writer but could be an inspiration for my friends, been a while I was challenged by my friend, “I still want to also write about the experience, about life, or about sharing helpful” was actually 7-8 months curhatan ago when my friend told me about some of the novel that has been circulating in bookstores, my friend told me the new 6 months, 6 months there will be depleted in 2014, just try writing graffiti installment in the book or in blog posts, new turns in early november I try to share the inspiration of writing …
Already 40 subtitles in blog saya.padahal my friends are even more busy in comparison with me on the sidelines kesibukanya he can finish his novel book in just 6 months (two thumbs to my friends ..) ..
So what benefits dong became a writer, I myself have not yet benefited financially my writings, but there salute in my heart if the work can affect behavior, can add new insights, or become media dakwah..syukur-Thanksgiving get income from the text.
Kemarean there is one of my friends who work in one of the travel japan, asked me to contact the artist who had a 4 person personal blog, 3 regular blogger writes about travel and 3 journalists. They all will be invited by the government of Japan, to visit one of the cities in Japan for 3 days 2 nights ..ujung-end they receive a stipend and streets gretongan to jepang..ini actually part of the benefits of writing in a blog ..
I became instantly surf the Internet finding out what the benefits of the blog itself, there are other things that I found was by mediabistro survey, 9 out of 10 companies in America checking profile new candidates in the online media before they recruit.
Well tablets that had been friends write status with negative things do not expect to work in the company’s iconic (but this is not like America, ya know yourself Indonesia the mecca of technology where it not to Amriki..hehehe).
So there’s no harm trying to channel the talent to write your blog on social media, whether it’s your hobby streets, like to cook you, your gardening hobby, hobby hobbies preach or other positive.
In summary your writing, be it on FB, whether a blog, or other status of the media, be absolutely sure that a good benefit for pembacanya..tulisan are writing to share the benefits and become an inspiration to us all


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